Ground Water Control

Whether Dewatering or Over-Pumping work is required, you can rely on to HOELSCHER Middle East to execute these works with high quality and under safe conditions. We have an impressive track record of small to huge-scale project on dewatering and over-pumping works in various locations worldwide.


Dewatering or Land Drying is a process of water removal from soil. In the construction industry, there are different methods applicable for this purpose.

  • Wellpoint System
  • Deepwell System
  • Horizontal Dewatering
  • Open Pit & Open Trenches

Dewatering is usually carried out first hand in a project to create a dry platform for construction works. Lowering the groundwater table is necessary before subsurface excavations are performed for foundation or shoring works.

HW Middle East has a vast fleet of dewatering pumps incl. Vacuum pumps, submersible pumps, borehole & drainage pumps, booster pumps, to support and execute successfully a dewatering operation. A technical team usually conducts a geotechnical study to determine which dewatering system is applicable for a certain project. Our technical proposal always provides our Clients a leeway to choose which technology or system is best suitable on a given project.